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Federation Ships

By Stephen Chavez

I was off work for five weeks due to a leg injury, and during this time i read 3 Trek novels and built five mix-match models. I think that was a very constructive use of my time. I bought two AMT 1:2500 scale kits. The "Star Trek: The Motion Picture set, which for some reason came with the Reliant, and the "USS Enterprise Starship Set", with the first three generations of Enterprise, not including Captain Archer's ship.

My only problem is finding scale decals. I've had to chop-cut to create alternative names and serial numbers, but that limited me to the Intrepid from a Deviantart design, and TOS style Kelvin. The ship using the Enterprise B secondary hull was the most challenging for me. It needed a stand to hold the primary level while the glue dried on the pylons. This ship resembles a TNG ship with the secondary hull protruding out the front instead of the back. I like my design better.

Image: Front

Image: Low

Image: Intrepid & Kelvin

Image: Front

Image: Top

Image: Scout

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