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Good shooting, Wedge

By Mike Walston

In the original "Star Wars" movie, rebel pilot Wedge saves Luke Skywalker during the Death Star assault by shooting/ramming his way through a pursuing TIE/Fighter with his X-Wing.

For my version, I built the small AMT repop of the X-Wing and attached it to the front of a similarly scaled fighter from the Imperial TIE Fighters kit with paper-clip wire. That wire comes out the nose of the X-Wing and into a plastic plate rigged with LEDs covering the cockpit window. I wanted to show the moment of impact when Wedge was blasting through, so I put a total of six lights in the TIE to simulate the beginning of the explosion, and 38 fiber optic strands cut to various lengths to simulate sparks shooting out the back. A 9-volt battery in the stand provides the power.

"Good shooting, Wedge!"

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