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By Mike Walston

I wanted to put my 1/12 scale Polar Lights Robby the Robot at the helm of the C-57D as seen at the conclusion of Forbidden Planetv (Although for that scene, Robbys legs were 2-D painted props that weren't even bent at the joints that they should have been).

After cutting my model off at the knees and hips, I then had to scratchbuild a butt for him. (Not a sentence you read everyday on these sites.) A cut-up Ping-Pong ball lined with putty filled the cheek voids.

After solving that, the build was pretty straightforward. LEDs were added to his top dome, mouth and chest panel. Then I scratchbuilt the console and seat from plastic tubing, 1/16" thick plastic, various parts from my spares box, and a softball and baseball holder.

The whole thing is mounted on an 8 x 10 base. Another shot of this build can be seen in the reader gallery of the October 2015 issue of FineScale Modeler magazine.

Image: Modification

Image: Sitting

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