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Battlestar Galactica

By Dec Sibley

This is Moebius Models' Battlestar Galatica kit built almost straight from the box. I found it a simple enough kit, with low parts count, good fit with few small parts, which was in some ways disappointing as the price seemed pretty high ( wish i'd bought the Revell rebox which was much cheaper here in Europe). The parts breakdown is simple suggesting a presentation ornament that was left on the sprues for the builder to put together rather than assembled in a factory for a prefinished example. The very large locating pins also suggested this.

Clean up was simple, though good sprue cutters are recommended for the substantial stubs that remain inside the hull. I added some small rectangles of 10,000 plastic card to add detail to the edges of some parts that had less depth of detail. Filler was needed the whole length of the fuselage join that is behind the outriggers.

I layered paint coats of Black, gunmetal and Metallic Black with small rectangle of masking tape to increase the patch work look of the Galatica. This definition was nearly lost when I then applied a tinted varnish and drybrushed silver to give a golden mother of pearl effect that changes colour as the ship is rotated under sunlight. It works but is subtle and hard to show in photos. The clear engine inserts were reverse painted in white with the front done in Tamiya clear. Be careful of the decals, they are quite brittle and do not like being folded as they crack. Silver and Red picks out the final finish and the model looks good on the supplied metal rod and base.

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