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Mon Calamari MC-80 Liberty Class Cruiser

By D.S.Attree

Hello all, this is a 1/2256 scale kit made by Anigrand, finished length is just over 22"/ 56cm long. It comes with two additional smaller craft, Millennium Falcon and a Transport Vessel. As you might expect for a kit of this size there was a fair bit of warping in the resin parts, this was cured slowly and carefully by repeated heating over the kettle and setting in cold water. The castings themselves went together very well with minimum filler, I do not think I found a single air bubble in any of the parts.

This ship is from The Return of the Jedi and it is the first ship that gets blown up by the Death Star. All reference material used was of the original model in its large display cabinet (from a museum somewhere). There are plenty of images out there but it was pretty tough going as the images all had flash and light distortion from being pictured through plate glass. Still, with a bit of time I got the pictures I needed.

Only the engine bells have been illuminated and these have been made more opaque to spread the LED light out. The nine unshielded LEDs chucked out far too much light - lit up the whole room - so they needed to be diffused a little. The power point is fitted into the base to keep it neat.

All painting was done with Tamiya acrylic as usual. The project took 3 weeks to complete. You can see more of my work at my website.

Image: Bottom Left Front

Image: Bottom Left Rear

Image: Rear Left

Image: Engines

Image: Front Left High

Image: Left Front High

Image: Rear Right

Image: Rear Right High

Image: Right High


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