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Papercraft Millenium Falcon

By Bernard Szukiel

This model is 99% made of paper and is 38" long. It took me 4 years to build. I used photos found on internet to do this. To make lights I used fiber optics and LEDs.

Image: Bottom

Image: Front High

Image: Top

Image: Top Right

Image: Bottom Left Rear

Image: Bottom Rear

Image: Bottom Right Rear

Image: Cockpit Rear Wall

Image: Cockpit Underside

Image: Cockpit Front Right

Image: Cockpit Lit

Image: Cockpit Inside Right

Image: Cockpit Left

Image: Cockpit Left High

Image: Cockpit Right

Image: Cockpit Tube

Image: Cockpit Front

Image: Engine Deck

Image: Engine Vents

Image: Engine Grid Under

Image: Exhaust Grid Right

Image: Exhaust Grid

Image: Exhaust Right

Image: Equipment Bay

Image: Front High

Image: Front Right

Image: Gun Tub

Image: Gun Tub Lit

Image: Gun Tub

Image: Gun Tub Top

Image: Jaw Bottom

Image: Left Mandible Bottom

Image: Left Dish

Image: Left Hatch

Image: Left Hatch Top

Image: Left Top

Image: Mandible Top

Image: Mandible Right

Image: Mandible Top

Image: Rear Left Bay

Image: Rear Right

Image: Rear Right Bottom

Image: Rear Right Sidewall

Image:Right Cockpit

Image: Front Right Bottom

Image: Right Front Cockpit

Image: Right Hatch Bottom

Image: Mandible Front

Image: Top

Image: Top Left Front

Image: Top Turret

Image: Transmission Cover

Image: Turret Bottom

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