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Iron Man

By Vernon Parker

After seeing the new Avengers movie, I set myself the daunting task of creating the Avengers in model form (it would help if they were all available wouldn't it - doh). First up - Iron Man.

Moebius' Iron Man Mk VI is a cool kit, and looks great straight out of the box. It's 1/8th scale so builds to around 10 inches high, with lots of seperate and overlapping armour so it can be detailed and painted up very nicely.

I wanted to add some additional detail, like the 'pop-up' weapons he has on his wrist and shoulder, some airbrakes and most importantly - A FACE. I guess the biggest issue I had with the kit is that the helmet has a seperate mask - but there's no face behind it should you wish to display the figure with the helmet open.

For the weapons I used some spares I've collected from Games Workshop kits, scratchbuilding the mounts and other details from various spares, sprue and bits of wire. I cut away parts of armour to mount the weapons sub-flush, but I'm not sure the amount of work this took really shows though. The airbrakes are made from aircraft kit spares; I think they are from and F-14 with some scratchbuilt mounts that enable the brakes to be moved.

For Tony Stark's face - I had a Captain America kit that comes with 2 faces. A bit of trimming to make it fit and a painted -on goatee and presto - we got a face. This also allowed me to detail the inside of the Iron Man mask as well although this is virtually impossible to see on the finished kit.

I painted Iron Man with automotive primer and cherry red rattle cans, then brush painted the gold and metallic section, and added a bit of battle damage too.

This model will eventually fit into a planned diorama with all the Avengers characters - although it will be huge!

Image: Face

Image: Right

Image: Right Front

Image: Visor

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