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Bellator Star Destroyer

By Steve Blanes

I have scratch built Ansel Hsiaos' amazing Bellator Star Destroyer. It was created from styrene sheets and all HAND carved from scratch.


About 6 months ago I encountered Ansel Hsiao's Bellator-class Star Destroyer. I was enthralled. I knew I had to build it, even though I had never scratch built anything ever before and that I also have Chronic Pain and Fatigue syndrome. It did not matter. it took 6 seeks to get enough money together and plan out a strategy. Pretty much my plan was to I carve styrene until I got my Bellator.

After 4 months and 500 or so hours I finished my Star destroyer model! I believe it has 4500-5000 individual pieces. I cut, sawed, shaped, carved, sanded then painted every bit from beginning to end. I used a layering of a light blue for base, then multiple greys and other colors for the ship tiles. Then I lightly dusted it with Tamiya Light Grey and Tamiya Silver Titanium.

I thought this was something impossible for me to do. I taught myself and did it 99% scratch made.I am very very happy. I proved that despite whatever challenges lay before me that with enough patience and determination I can accomplish what I want! Now I am going to go into a coma...goodnight

Image: Guns

Image: More Guns

Image: Engines

Image: Superstructure

Image: Rear Right

Image: Spine

Image: Trench

Image: Bridge in progress

Image: Neck

Image: Guns

Image: Layers

Image: Main Shape

Image: Rear

Image: Superstructure

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