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U.S.S. Alpha Centauri

By Robert Stimpson

The Starhawk-class U.S.S. Alpha Centauri was a fast attack vessel designed on the same basic spaceframe as the primary hull for the Sovereign class starship, with modifications for the warp plasma conduits, warp reactant storage, pylon mountings and cargo holds. Designed and built in the years after the launch of the U.S.S. Sovereign, this ship is designed to be deployed on short notice to crisis areas and "hot-spots" within the Federation. The drawback is that the Alpha Centauri is limited on scientific and research capabilities, but does contain onboard sensor suites and three labs for research that needs to be conducted in hostile areas (medical, scientific and geological). It is armed with type XI phasers, quantum torpedoes (half the amount of the Sovereign class), and reinforced shield emitters.

This kit was built from the reissue 1:1400 Enterprise-E kit, issued by Round 2. Modifications included remounting the warp nacelles and pylons to the saucer section itself, as well as filling the underside area where the secondary hull would have connected. The model is painted in custom acrylic colors, and decals are a combination of kit decals as well as ones designed and printed onto Decal Master clear decal paper. Priming as well as final coatings are via Krylon paints.

Image: Bottom

Image: Placard

Image: Bridge

Image: Saucer Top

Image: Left

Image: Rear

Image: Larger view of the top image

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