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Lost in Space Pod

By Orlando Guiang

When I was a kid and watched reruns of Lost in Space, I thought the shuttle pod was one of the coolest spacecrafts, even if it was a little odd looking. I always wanted a model of it so when Mobeius Models came out with one, I just had get a hold of it. Now I have to admit that these days I'm no longer a huge LOS fan but I sure have fond memories of the ships. I used photos I found on the internet as reference to help with detailing the kit.

I started with the inside cabin first. Construction of the cabin is straightforward and I used Testors Desert Sand for the walls, Testors Aluminum Plate for the inner framework.

I then went on to work with the outer hull and painted it Aluminum Plate. The other colors you see here are:

  • Testors Titanium for the landing pads and front grill
  • Magnesium was used for the antenna and landing struts
  • Orange by Floquil (F110250)
  • I have 2 complaints with this kit: ill-fitting pieces and vague instructions. As I proceeded to assemble the kit I quickly saw that there are some major gaps throughout. This is particularly obvious when trying to fit the front face of the ship onto the hull. Now I usually dry fit pieces together before working with a model but unfortunately overlooked this step here. I ended up having to do some extensive putty work after the model pieces had already been painted. Just goes to show what happens if you're too much in a hurry to do something. The only consolation was that it would still have been a challenge to paint either way you do it. As for the instructions, they are a bit lacking. Unless you're a complete expert on this ship you're left guessing where some of the pieces are supposed to go.

    Overall this is a good representation of the ship but I just thought they could have spent a little more time engineering the thing and with writing better instructions. Just keep these things in mind if you attempt to build this one. I still say that Moebius is one of my favorite model companies. My experience with the latest releases have all been very positive.

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