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Klingon Bird of Prey

By Lance Walton  

This is my model of a 1/350th scale Klingon Bird of Prey. This is the first starship that I've built and I thought it only fitting that it have lights. The hardest part about building this ship with lights is I really wanted to be able to hang it up and show it off, rather than on a stand like most lighted models. So I used a dremel tool to cut out a large enough space to fit a 9v battery. The model features blinking navigation lights, fiberoptic guide lights, and a push button firing torpedo, and a magnetic battery access hatch. 

On the whole I think that the build went really well; after the electronics were in place the detail and weathering were added. This was a great kit for my starship building debut and I recommend experimenting with it like I did. The results are well worth it. 

Image: Front

Image: Left Wing

Image: Lighting

Image: Rear

Image: Rear Deck

Image: Front Right

Image: Front Right Low

Image: Left

Image: Front

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