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Omega-class destroyer

By John Kluge


Of all the ships in Babylon 5, the Omega class destroyer best represents bringing a pipe wrench to a bar fight.   Its powerful weapons mounted forward, spinal  and aft coupled with Starfury fighters made it a bad  guy on the block.   This model had a lot of pieces to it and a lot of precise sanding was done this one.   As far as paint, I went with a dark gray  and I think I should have gone a lighter shade  to enhance the details more.   When I proudly displayed it to a friend of mine, his first question however was, "Which is the forward part? "  Facepalm!   Anyways, It has been a done along time now but I have decided to get the pics oput.

Image: Drive Section

Image: Habitat Section

Image: Head

Image: Rear High

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