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Jack Squadron Starfury

By Jeffrey R. Kuhn


[Rear, lights on]

Starfury: Jack Squadron, New London Defense Wing. "Jack" Squadron is assigned to the permanent defense of the New London Colony. Actually, the inspiration for this wing art came from the movie "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery".

I spent a bit of time on accurate lighting in the cockpit. I added two thin strips of styrene to the forward edges of the cockpit so that a ridge stuck out on either side of the edge (see illustration for cross section of the strips). The new cockpit was then used to make a mold to recast it in clear resin. The inside of the new, clear canopy was painted in flat black to make it opaque, then a coat of white, then the desired color. I then scraped the paint off of the inside of the strips and poked a few holes in the paint at the back of the cockpit to simulate instrumentation lighting.

The inside of the fuselage needs to be whittled down so that the cockpit will fit in it and so that there is a light path to the outside edges of the strips. Four LEDs were glued to the walls of the fuselage (one for each strip) and a single LED was placed behind the cockpit to light the "instruments". Finally, a tiny LED was placed in the forward display and hooked to a "blinker" circuit. Channels were cut in each arm of the forward display to accommodate thin copper wires to power this LED. Bright blue LEDs were also added to each of the four rear thrusters.

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