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By Jason Kovach

This is a Full scale replica of the Cybermat from Doctor Who. They are half robot half machine "rats" used as covert scouts by the Cyberman. The model is primarily fiberglass.

First I used wood to make a frame then I mixed some plaster and used it as putty to make a solid form over the wooden frame. After it was dry I used a random orbital sander to shape the plaster down to the correct shape and smooth out some of the imperfections. I then coated the whole thing in petroleum jelly and made a mold using plaster.

I sealed the mold with Acrylic Clear Coat. After the sealant had dried I put a thin coat of petroleum jelly on the inside of the mold. I then layed the glass sheets shaping them to the mold. Next I brushed the resin/ catalyst mixture on to the glass. After drying I removed the cast fom the mold and cleaned the excess petroleum jelly off the cast. The next step was to put a "finishing " coat of resin on the cast. I then sanded is smooth, working out the imperfections. Next I put another coat of resin just to be safe.

After the resin was dry it was time to add the little touches to the shell before painting. Using two wooden "saucers" I epoxied them in place as the "eyes" and drilled small "pupils". I then drilled two small holes in the body for the antenae. A wire was glued into each of these holes with a small wooden ball on the end.

The whole thing was then spraypainted silver. The eyes were painted mother-of-pearl acrylic with black pupils. Then the final touch was added the "feelers". Thes were simply foam rubber cut to shape and epoxied in place. I am very proud of the accuracy of the model, it really looks like the props in Doctor Who "Tomb of the Cyberman"

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