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Inspection and Repair Utility Pod

By Jim Berteges

This little green bug-like pod is used mainly for inspection, maintenance and repair of the exterior of a large space station. Shown here in its inspection configuration, the ship is capable of accepting modular attachments. The upper, forward panel can be removed and a repair module fits in its place. The lower, center panel is removed to attach cargo modules of varying capacities. The pod is small enough to also fit into narrow areas inside the skin of the station for inspections. Several of these one man pods are employed to shuttle supplies, materials and mail to and from ships passing near by, but not stopping at the station.

About the model--This pod makes use of one of my favorite shapes, the egg. I used a plastic Easter egg and removed a section from the middle to give it a slightly sleeker shape. The canopy is the front of a Skycrane helicopter which also provided the landing pads. The rear engine housing is the bottom of an old pencil sharpener. The ship has a full interior and pilot. The exterior panels were sections cut from another egg so the curvature would match.



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