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Scout Vehicle

By Jim Bertges



This is the MKIV S2, a heavily armored, one man scout car used to retrieve intelligence on hostile ground forces when they are too well hiden to be sighted from the air. If it should come under attack, hidden, wrap-around shielding closes to protect the windscreen; it's armor plating and kevlar tires can resist most pulse and projectile attacks.

The model started its life as the Testors "George Barris Super Van". The foreshortened art on the box lid inspired me to create a small armored car. When I actually saw the body of the van itself, I was disapointed at its size, it was far to long for what I wanted, I ended up shortening it by about one third and covering almost the entire exterior with sheet styrene to give it a blocky, armored look. The only thing that didn't get covered over was the front window. The forward "rocket launcher/pulse array" was made from an internal part of a tri colored ball point pen and some plastic tubing.

Tires and wheels were appropriated from a small toy "monster truck". Fenders were fashioned from small plastic Easter eggs. On top, the blade antenna and sensor dome came from the spare parts box, but the hatch was the lid from a shampoo bottle. The big hinge was the end of a tow crane from a 1/25 scale truck. The grab handles for the ladder were made from wire staples. In the rear, the flat radar dish was formerly an outlet cover for childproofing electric sockets. Other various parts from the spares box dress up the rear end. The paint is a pretty standard olive drab with a black wash for weathering.




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