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Jet-Eagle 3000

By Jim Berteges

Rear View

Welcome to the future of luxury. You'll rocket your cares away when you climb behind the wheel of this sleek modern wonder. The Jet-Eagle is equipped with the most sophisiticated navagation devices, all you have to do is insert your pre-punched destination card into the navigation console and you're on your way. Just let the Auto Magnetic Steering System take the helm of your Jet-Eagle while you relax in fully air conditioned comfort. Or if you prefer, switch off the AMSS and feel the power of the Electro-Sonic Turbine motor as it conquers any obstacle the Automated Magnetic Super-highway system can put in its path. Imagine the scenic vistas you'll gaze upon through the expansive Lexan Dome Roof which automatically darkens for those sunny days. You'll be the talk of the town in your new Jet-Eagle, so visit your local Studebaker dealer today!

This was inspired by the futuristic art of the fifties, when they thought all the cars would look like jets in the future. The car started life as one of those old Hawk, rubber band powered kits and I fused the fuselage halves of an old 1/72 scale Eagle fighter on either side. There's lots of putty and sanding involved - a lot more than I bargained for at the beginning of the project. The interior was put together from odds and ends from the spares box and the dome top was thermo formed from clear plastic sheet.

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