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Iron Man

By Jim Bertges


[not front]

Iron Man was my second attempt at building a 1/25 scale Marvel figure. This figure depicts Iron Man in his second suit of armor; his first suit, built while he was in captivity in Viet Nam, was gray. The only thing that was left off this figure was IM's shoulder antenna. I really wanted to put that on, but my reference material didn't show it in this version, so I left it off.

The figure was constructed from a variety of items including a Micronauts action figure torso for, of all things, the torso; various sizes of Plastruct tubing for the arms and legs; stretched sprue for the wrist knobs; the clenched left hand came from a Japanese robot kit and the right hand was scratch built; and finally, a Lego Man helmet was modified to create the head. Joint lines were etched in with a hobby knife. The whole thing was sprayed with Bright Gold, followed by a heavy coat of Glosscote. Iron Man stands about three inches tall and has his repulsors ready for any enemy.

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