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By Jim Bertges



Based on the old MPC Space 1999 "Alien" vehicle, which was itself a re-issue of an older Moon rover kit, this "Floater" was inspired by Star Wars technology. However, in the world of Star Wars, this vehicle would be the equivalent of a Pacer. It' kind of a klunky, boxy piece of trasportation that operates with the same technology as Luke's Land Speeder with repulsor or "anti-gravity" lift and turbo propulsion. I can imagine this slightly battered and dirty Floater parked out behind the Mos Eisley cantina, waiting for the bartender to go home for the night. He'd push a button on his remote, the door would pop open and swing up slowly. The large bartender climbs in and the floater tilts with his weight until the left engine almost touches the ground. He settles into his seat and the floater rights itself, he'd pull the creaking door shut and putter off into the hot, dusty night, listing slightly to the left.

The model was basically the MPC kit with engines from a Messerschmidt ME-109, assorted helicopter parts, a part from the old, busted 2001 Moon Bus and some grab handles from my old Munster Coach. The copper color and gold hood stripe were also inspired by good old Luke Skywalker's land speeder.

Bottom View

Rear View

Side View

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