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Maintenance Droid

By Jim Bertges

[front] [The other side of the front]

This Maintenance Droid was inspired by the three little robots that appeared in the classic SF film, Silent Running. I was looking at the rear deck of a 1/72 scale tank model when the shape of this little guy's outline struck me. I cut out the shape from two tank models and glued them together to create his body. The legs came from a partially destroyed 2001 Moon Bus; his face plate is a rectangular accelerator pedal from a 1/25 scale car kit, his arms and other accessories were shock absorbers and springs from car kits as well and other details were made from bits of .030 plastic sheet cut into various shapes.

He is designed to perform minor diagnostic and maintenance needs on small ships and ground vehicles. The designation for this particular worker is Md83-03.

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