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Planetary Surface Probe

By Jim Berteges

This little lander was the result of wanting to build something entirely egg-shaped. It is meant to represent a probe that plummets through a planet's atmosphere, using its rocket engines to slow its descent and provide a soft landing. Once on the surface, the equipment deploys, readings and samples are taken. At the end of the mission the top portion of the probe blasts back into orbit with its samples and is retrieved by its mother ship.

About the model--Well, here's another plastic Easter Egg that escaped the clutches of the Easter Bunny and turned into a trash-bashing project. You can see that the spares box was raided extensively for this one - there's the antenna from the Space 1999 "Alien" car, ammo racks from a tank, auto tail lights, Moon Bus rocket bells and a bunch of other junk. If you look closely you'll also see the barrels of Bic pens and the landing gear from an old helicopter kit.

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