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"Savage Yoda"

By Jay Adan © 1999.

Come git some!

This rather unique piece comes from a company called Grey Zon. It was called Young Jedi Master. Price - around $40.

The original piece has Yoda in tight-fitting butt-huggers and has sculpted hair. While I liked the piece as is, I figured that it wouldn't be hard to improve on it.

I'm gonna give you an excited photon whoopin'!

Side view.

The loin-cloth was made with bathroom tissue hardened with thin white glue. It covers what I felt was the silliest part of the kit. I decided to go with real hair because I hadn't ever tried doing it before and I had some appropriate colored "craft fur" handy. I used a glue that is meant to be used for doing canopies and such. My bottle doesn't have a manufacturer's label so I can't give you a brand. Anything suitably sticky will do.

The base is a piece of tile that I dropped on the ground to create a cool naturally-broken effect. The only extra modeling to the figure was the addition of a "D-ring" to the end of the lightsaber. Paints were all Polly-Scale acrylics with some gloss added to the mouth and eyes to add that extra bit of realism.

I call this modified version - "SAVAGE YODA".

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